Schemeswriter v3.6 is now ready for testing

Published on 5 Dec 2014

We have published the latest version of Schemeswriter to your UAT sites ready for testing Below is a summary of the changes and details of the new features:

  • Design Overhaul - We have been working hard on your feed back and have redesigned the look and feel of the site from the ground up. You now have a new menu on the left hand side to access all your options, much better organisation of your information on the records pages and a fresh new look across the site.
  • Revamped Messaging System - We have removed the old information request system and replaced it with a new messaging system that can be used across the site to send and receive information, ask questions of the underwriters or brokers or just communicate with you co workers.
  • New Email Routes and Scheme Specific Templates - Email templates can now be written per scheme to make them feel more personalised, and you have the ability to set up user groups so you can easily notify lots of people of important events. Due to the new system you will have to recreate your email routing rules, but we think it's worth it!
  • Huge Speed Increase in Quoting - You should noticed a marked improvement in the speed of your question sets due to lots of optimisations.
  • Re-quote Expired Quotes - You now have the ability to re-run old quotes that have run past their expiry date and get the latest premium without re-keying.

Let us know if you find any issues!