Version 2.33 is available for testing

Published on 4 Mar 2015

Following our latest development phase, version 2.33 of the SchemesWriter system is available on your UAT sites.
This release for testing brings the usual bug fixes and stability improvements as well as a few larger more notable features.

This version has a new data purge option available, allowing our users to remain up to date with current PCI-DSS compliance rules regarding customer data retention. As one might imagine, this is an important feature that required thorough testing during development to ensure it is reliable, and we recommend you take a look to ensure it works reliably for your UAT data in advance of the live roll out to the live systems.

We have also introduced a feature that improves visibility of Employers Liability information within the system and on reports.

The final feature of note is the introduction of better formatting support in the email templates. You are now able to include a limited set of formatting characters in the template text that will translate into more better formatted emails from the system to your users.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these features then please do not hesitate to get in touch with support.