Version 3.11 is Live

Published on 29 Sep 2015

We've been quiet these last few weeks working on the latest version of SchemesWriter 3 and rolling some major new features in to the platform.

Our most important addition was the brand new Renewals workflow.
SchemesWriter 3 has full life-cycle management of policies and is able to help you process them in a fast and easy to use interface. Scheduled invites are sent and updates to quotes are processed seamlessly, allowing you to get on with keeping your customers happy.

Our new Single-Sign-On authentication system was rolled into this new version. Using the latest OpenID Connect identity layer it supersedes our previous iteration of OpenID, allowing us to extend our security and permission system in the future. While hopefully you didn't actually notice a change in the interface, underneath it all is a shiny new engine that should allow us to extend the permissions library and create a centrally managed administration interface for SchemesWriter 3 and all it's related services. Users will be managed in a central location allowing administrators to control and revoke access easily and quickly.

The new API for SchemesWriter 3 has been deployed with this version and is already in use. Our Accounts systems in SchemesWriter 2 & 3 are now wired up using data through the API, and our Middleware service will soon be using it to help with 3rd party integration for MTAs. Take a look at our previous post for a more in depth run-down of the API features.

The SchemesWriter 3 platform now tracks every penny of your premiums as payments make their way from customer to insurer allowing you to analyse commission, taxes, fees and more every step of the way.  This data source will allow you to integrate with your existing accounts system with minimal effort and generate any financial data stream you can dream of.