An improved look for Schemeswriter v3.14

Published on 16 Dec 2015

Schemeswriter v3.14 has been deployed to your test sites and brings a multitude of features and improvements.

UI and Appearance Updates
Improvements have been made throughout the system to the appearance of the site, with special attention paid to the look and usability of tabbed pages, the underwriters premium adjuster (see below) and the popup windows are now fully responsive and mobile device friendly.

Override MTA Premiums
Underwriters now have the ability to adjust the extra or return premium on a mid-term adjustment without affecting the future annual premium. The UI for premium adjustment has also been dramatically improved, highlighting items which have adjustments, showing the original value and allowing them to be clear to reset the policy to a calculated state. We are also now calculating the future annual tax at MTA, so we can give and estimate future total payable amount.

Question Set Navigation
We have added quick navigation controls to the top of the page summary to allow for quick navigation when editing and adjusting quotes, added an optional 'Save and add another' button to repeats if you need to add multiple items and improved the look of headings and groupings of questions.

Business Portal
You now have the ability to activate B2B customers on your B2C affiliate site, they will be able to view their policy details and download documentation as if they had purchased directly through the B2C portal.

Responsive Consumer Quoting Sites
The B2C system has now been upgrade to be fully responsive, so we can build consumer quoting and business portals that work across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Foreign Taxes
Support for common insurance taxes for the following countries:
Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Malta & Spain.

Reissue Lapsed Policies
In response to customer feedback we have implemented a re-issue policy function.  If a mistake has been made following the cancellation of a risk you now have the ability to click 're-issue' from the expired policy record and re quote without having to rekey the risk details and persist existing notes, uploads and timeline data.

Security Updates
General improvements to security on the direct to consumer site have been made to ensure invalidated quotes can no longer be amended.

Product Developer Updates
We have made several improvements to our scheme development tools to make them faster, more efficient and easier to use.

Bug Fixes
  • Sum Insured and Calculated fields now display correctly formatted on the Statements of Facts and Summary of Data Input
  • Effective date controls now display correctly when time is included

As always, if you have any questions or comments then please let us know.

Merry Christmas from BrokerTech

Published on 11 Dec 2015

Yesterday we put up our Christmas Tree in our office but we'd like to emphasise:
Our technical skills are not necessarily matched by our artistic ones.
We guarantee that our software design is better than our Christmas tree decorating.
Anyway, we've shown you ours, so why not show us yours!
Merry Christmas from us all at BrokerTech and best wishes for 2016.

Schemeswriter v3.12 brings integration and reporting improvements

Published on 2 Dec 2015

Schemeswriter v3.12 has been deployed to your test sites and brings with it improvements and new features.

Notifications Feed
Every significant event in the system is now stored in a real-time, write-forward system feed along with detailed information on premium, risk and accounts.

This opens up a world of integration and reporting opportunities, as well as allowing us to gain detailed insights into the state of risk at any given point in the systems life-cycle.  Third-party and internal systems can monitor this feed to conveniently watch for unusual activity, trends in sales or claims and open an extension point for future bespoke requirements.

New Finance Options for New Business
Premium Credit Limited (PCL) and Close Brothers Finance (CPF) options are now available for direct integration at new business.

Broker Price Match
You can now enable premium adjustment for your brokers if they have delegated authority, and place restrictions around how much they can load and discount.

OpenGI Improvements
If you integrate with an OpenGI back office, it will now be possible to update your records automatically after MTA, cancellation and renewal transactions to keep your records accurate at all times and reduce manual intervention.

Search Engine Fixes
Improvements to the search engine will provide more accurate and relevant results.

Accounting Improvements
Tax and commission breakdowns on a per section basis have been added to the payment pages, providing you with a more detailed view of each transaction.

As always, if you have any questions or comments then please let us know.