Schemeswriter v3.12 brings integration and reporting improvements

Published on 2 Dec 2015

Schemeswriter v3.12 has been deployed to your test sites and brings with it improvements and new features.

Notifications Feed
Every significant event in the system is now stored in a real-time, write-forward system feed along with detailed information on premium, risk and accounts.

This opens up a world of integration and reporting opportunities, as well as allowing us to gain detailed insights into the state of risk at any given point in the systems life-cycle.  Third-party and internal systems can monitor this feed to conveniently watch for unusual activity, trends in sales or claims and open an extension point for future bespoke requirements.

New Finance Options for New Business
Premium Credit Limited (PCL) and Close Brothers Finance (CPF) options are now available for direct integration at new business.

Broker Price Match
You can now enable premium adjustment for your brokers if they have delegated authority, and place restrictions around how much they can load and discount.

OpenGI Improvements
If you integrate with an OpenGI back office, it will now be possible to update your records automatically after MTA, cancellation and renewal transactions to keep your records accurate at all times and reduce manual intervention.

Search Engine Fixes
Improvements to the search engine will provide more accurate and relevant results.

Accounting Improvements
Tax and commission breakdowns on a per section basis have been added to the payment pages, providing you with a more detailed view of each transaction.

As always, if you have any questions or comments then please let us know.