Update to 9th November Maintenance

Published on 14 Nov 2016

On Wednesday 9th November we undertook some maintenance on our firewall infrastructure to enable our new office security VPN.
We anticipated no effect on services, but took the precautionary measure of stationing an engineer on site at the hosting centre in case of issues.
In the event, while the switch of configuration occurred with little issue on the firewalls, we quickly discovered that the hypervisor software we use contained a bug which was not able to cope with the change in the underlying network stack.

As a result some of our live systems could no longer be contacted.
We worked quickly to identify the problem and restart the affected systems. We had scheduled the work out of business hours and so believe that we limited the customer impact.

The network change we implemented was not one that occurs regularly and so the conditions for the failure should not be reproduced in the foreseeable future .
If any of our customers were affected we sincerely apologise and are looking at the cause in order to prevent a similar event occurring again.

It's our birthday!

Published on 28 Oct 2016

We discovered yesterday that we can celebrate our 10 year anniversary as a software company.

From humble beginnings as DotOn Ltd in October 2006, we have innovated in software that has been "only Inhibited by the human brain"

In 2008 we rebranded as Brokertech, providing "Insurance software you think you'll never find...", but somehow did.

Only two of our current employees were around for those halcyon days of DotOn Ltd, as we have evolved and grown over the decade. We have released 3 full versions of our core SchemesWriter product, and countless other projects and products so far.

That is not to say we are looking only backwards. We have a lot of exciting developments currently in our coding workshop, so here's to the next 10 years of helping brokers and insurers get the best out of their business.

SW 3.20 is ready for testing

Published on 24 Oct 2016

Schemeswriter v3.20 includes bug fixes and new features and has been deployed to the testing environments

Live Chat has been integrated into the back office
You now have the ability to integrate live chat accounts such as LivePerson. A broker can talk directly with an insurer from anywhere associated with a specific scheme (quote, policy and renewal screens). We also plan to expand this into the direct-to-consumer environment in the near future.

Broker renewal declrations
When an upcoming renewal requires a declaration due to missing risk details a broker can now provide this information directly to the insurer via the online system.

Search Improvements
  • User searches can now be filtered by multiple tags, agent operator and date range.
  • Declined quotes are no longer tagged as expired in the search.
  • A user can now view an unlimited amount of search results.

General Improvements
  • The amount of time a quote is guaranteed for can now be configured per quote.
  • A user can now be associated with a department via their profile page.
  • French Tax is now handled for Marine risks.
  • Bulk operations have been removed for broker renewals.

Bug Fixes
  • An issue with the 'Bulk Download' feature on the broker renewal screen is now fixed.

User Logins
  • Brokerbility users that only use SW2 can now login via Connect. In addition to SW3, Brokerbility users now will access the Extranet and SW2 only via Connect.
  • Provision of a Connect administration site.
  • Hardened client to Connect communication security with a new certificate.
  • Improved the user experience for instances of forgotten passwords by e-mailing the address provided rather than only when a specified account does not exist.
  • Allowing the configuration of advanced user settings and token lifespan.
  • Fixed a bug caused by spaces not getting trimmed if entered in e-mail fields in Connect.

SW 2.37 is ready for testing

Published on 24 Oct 2016

Schemeswriter v2.37 is a maintenance release and has been deployed to the testing environments

Report Builder
The reporting builder has been updated to include the product name as well as expanding the financial section to include all available taxes.

General Improvements
  • Security between the Extranet & Connect has also been improved with a new private certificate.

Bug Fixes
  • An issue which intermittently allowed deleted users to log in via Connect has been resolved.

The Brokerbility Extranet has also been updated to take advantage of the Connect security improvements.

Scheduled Maintenance - Monday 3rd October

Published on 28 Sep 2016

Due to issues with our telephony service provider, we have had to postpone planned works on our firewalls.

We will be performing routine maintenance work on our firewalls on Monday 3rd October beginning at 17:30 this is expected to take approximately 45 minutes, minimal disruption to live services are expected during this time.

Please keep an eye on the status page for more information.

The maintenance has been delayed again due to issues with our upstream telephony provider. We will post to the blog when we have scheduled another date for the work.

SW v3.19 is ready for testing

Published on 26 Jul 2016

Schemeswriter v3.19 is a maintenance release and has been deployed to the testing environments

Endorsement Effective Dates & Dynamic Content
In a similar change to the documents in 3.18, endorsements can now have an effective date applied so they will only show on records with specific inception dates. We now have the ability to add dynamic information to endorsement bodies, so risk information can be inserted into the body text automatically at quotation stage.

Overridable Cancellation Returns
Cancellation return premiums can now be manually overridden. Underwriters may now adjust the amount of premium returned to customers during the cancellation process.

Policy Import API
The policy import API has now reached version 1.0. With this release endorsements and premium percentage overrides can be imported, as well as allowing selection of the major scheme version to import against.

Chase underwriter
Agents can now chase an underwriter for a referral if it has been outstanding for a while with no movement; this will email the underwriter assigned to the case.

Document Storage in the Cloud
To improve operational efficiencies, data security and availability of our large document store we have made the move to cloud services. This will provide us with more flexible storage options as well as making sure your data is always protected against hardware failure and other disasters at our primary data centre.

General Improvements
  • The number of visible policy uploads and notes has been increased
  • The summary of data input on the renewal page has been moved to its own tab to make it consistent with similar pages
  • Cancellation effective date is now captured in the audit system
  • Scriptcode editing UI has been improved with latest version of CodeMirror; developers can now write raw Scriptcode directly in the logic editor
  • New Relic .NET libraries have been updated to the latest version
  • IPT increased to 10% for policies w.e.f 1st October 2016 (grace period in effect until 1st February 2017)
  • Updates to special cancellation strategies

Bug Fixes
  • Cancelling back to previous renewal will now show correct date
  • The manual refer form now validates 'premium' is numeric
  • Unallocated messages no longer error when user clicks 'assign to me'

SW v3.18 is ready for testing

Published on 20 Jun 2016

Schemeswriter v3.18 has been deployed to the testing environments and brings a few new features along with several bug fixes and back end improvements

Improved Declined Quotes View
Declined quotes now show any notes that were added, conversations that were had on the record and show a timeline of events that occurred prior to being declined.

Document Effective Dates
Documents can now have an effective date applied so they will only show on records with specific inception dates.

Claims Import Overhaul
Rather than work to a fixed template the claims importer can now accept ad-hoc CSV files and will present a mapping interface to make sure your data makes it's way to the correct fields. Mappings will be remembered so once the map has been made it will be used for future versions of the same schema, and it has now been given it's own section in superuser settings with a separate permission so it can now be provided to users without exposing other superuser functionality.

Grouped Flat Documents
Flat documents can now be added to groups for display on the 'Quote Now' screen, allowing them to be visually separated for easier searching

General Improvements
  • Enabling or revoking online access now adds a timeline entry
  • Test sites now show a banner to distinguish from live sites
  • Scheme developers can now archive old unused major versions

Bug Fixes
  • B2C policy screen now shows cancellation details
  • Redundant customer profile link removed from the policy screen
  • Setting section premium in broker adjustment screen no longer can cause rounding errors

Our New Starters

Published on 2 Jun 2016

New Recruits to Brokertech

Our two new IT developers have just finished their first day with us, so we welcome Dan Bright and Dan Browning to Brokertech. This means we now have three Dan's within our small team of IT professionals that could get quite confusing but we'll have to deal with that!

The new recruits come to us from other industries but with sound IT knowledge. They will undertake a period of training whilst getting up-to-speed working alongside our existing Product Developers, Jack and Jim and reporting into our Operations Manager, David Rose.

They are a most welcome addition to the team to bolster our Product Development area by providing additional resource to undertake changes to existing products and the development of new ones.

We wish both of them every success with their new careers.

Release v3.17 is ready for testing

Published on 5 Apr 2016

Schemeswriter v3.17 has been deployed to the testing environments and brings with it several new features along with bug fixes and back end improvements.

ELTO Reporting
Submitted ELTO information can now be download from the outstanding ELTO screen in CSV format.

Integration with 3rd Party Systems
Data from third party systems can now be used to enable the automatic import of policy documentation and claim records. This could be used to augment the documentation produced from SW3 or maintain a direct feed of claims data direct from an insurer.

These were previously limited to 100 on screen entries, but there is now no longer a restriction.

Member Profiles 
The ability to specify a Branch name within a member profile has been added.

Validation Improvements
The commission screen has been modified to help reduce user input errors when adding or amending trading group commissions. Also policy numbers are now checked when:

  1. Setting up a new policy number range to ensure there is no conflict with an existing range.
  2. Changing an existing policy number, that the new number does not already exist within another policy range.

Help Facility
User help hover-overs have been improved in response to feedback and have been made more mobile-friendly.

As well as many other general fixes and improvements.

Maintenance release v3.16 is ready for testing

Published on 22 Feb 2016

Schemeswriter v3.16 has been deployed to the testing environments and brings a few new features along with several bug fixes and back end improvements

Date Based Scheme Releases
Scheme releases can now be marked as effective from a pre-set date. This allows us to make changes which take effect when you need and also allows renewals to be processed on new rates before they come into effect for new quotes.

Improved Refer and Decline Screens
The refer and decline screens are now more consistent with the standard premium screen. More information is now available to the broker whilst a referral is still with the underwriter.

Searchable Drop Down Lists for Question Sets
A new control type has been added to the question set which allows selected drop controls to be searchable. This improvement should enable operators to more swiftly and accurately identify and select a trade from a long list.

General Improvements
  • You can now print the 'Summary of data input' from any screen it appears on, allowing you to create a proposal to take offline
  • The underwrite screen now displays a message if another user is viewing the record at the same time
  • Speed improvements to question sets with a large volume of repeats (up to 10x faster)

Bug Fixes
  • Multiple fixes to the progression through question sets, in and around repeating groups

Sanctions checking and side-by-side MTAs arrive in v3.15

Published on 26 Jan 2016

Schemeswriter v3.15 has been deployed to the testing environments and brings several new features along with bug fixes

Sanctions Checking
Automated sanctions checking is now available at new business and MTA. If the customer details meet a high enough score metric when checked against the government sanctions list, you will be informed and shown details of the matches so you can make a decision about accepting the risk.

Side-By-Side MTAs
Mid-Term adjustments will now be run and compared against previous answers as well as premiums to reduce the number of premium differences resulting from changes to scheme logic and rates. In real terms, MTAs will produce the same pro-rata figures as before, but be more resilient to scheme updates.

Total Premium Adjustment
During the underwrite process it is now possible to amend the total policy premium or schedule total premium to a user defined figure, this allows the system to do the work of spreading the load across the risk.

Renewal Date Alignment
We have added a feature which allows you to change the renewal date on a policy, automatically pro-rata the premium and update the documents. This will not affect the term after the next renewal so it can be used to bring renewal dates in line with other policies.

Short Term Cancellation Rates
It is now possible to change cancellation refund rules on a scheme-by-scheme basis. Pro-rata and stepped returns based off the number of days on cover are currently available.

EP/RP Ignore Amount
You can now set a minimum amount for extra and return premiums on a per scheme basis. If the minimum is not met, there will be no charge / return to the customer.

Download Documents - PDF Merge
When using the download all facility, you now have the option of merging all documents into a single PDF as well as downloading an archive.

General Improvements
  • Brokers can no longer adjust a premium after it has been adjusted by the underwriter
  • EP/RP overrides are now persisted after an amend if the calculated premium has not changed
  • Declined quotes are now available in the search results
  • Notes can no longer be edited after 24 hours, but the 'private' flag can now be changed when editing

Bug Fixes
  • Premium is no longer displayed in the search results when a quote or estimate is referred