Maintenance release v3.16 is ready for testing

Published on 22 Feb 2016

Schemeswriter v3.16 has been deployed to the testing environments and brings a few new features along with several bug fixes and back end improvements

Date Based Scheme Releases
Scheme releases can now be marked as effective from a pre-set date. This allows us to make changes which take effect when you need and also allows renewals to be processed on new rates before they come into effect for new quotes.

Improved Refer and Decline Screens
The refer and decline screens are now more consistent with the standard premium screen. More information is now available to the broker whilst a referral is still with the underwriter.

Searchable Drop Down Lists for Question Sets
A new control type has been added to the question set which allows selected drop controls to be searchable. This improvement should enable operators to more swiftly and accurately identify and select a trade from a long list.

General Improvements
  • You can now print the 'Summary of data input' from any screen it appears on, allowing you to create a proposal to take offline
  • The underwrite screen now displays a message if another user is viewing the record at the same time
  • Speed improvements to question sets with a large volume of repeats (up to 10x faster)

Bug Fixes
  • Multiple fixes to the progression through question sets, in and around repeating groups