Release v3.17 is ready for testing

Published on 5 Apr 2016

Schemeswriter v3.17 has been deployed to the testing environments and brings with it several new features along with bug fixes and back end improvements.

ELTO Reporting
Submitted ELTO information can now be download from the outstanding ELTO screen in CSV format.

Integration with 3rd Party Systems
Data from third party systems can now be used to enable the automatic import of policy documentation and claim records. This could be used to augment the documentation produced from SW3 or maintain a direct feed of claims data direct from an insurer.

These were previously limited to 100 on screen entries, but there is now no longer a restriction.

Member Profiles 
The ability to specify a Branch name within a member profile has been added.

Validation Improvements
The commission screen has been modified to help reduce user input errors when adding or amending trading group commissions. Also policy numbers are now checked when:

  1. Setting up a new policy number range to ensure there is no conflict with an existing range.
  2. Changing an existing policy number, that the new number does not already exist within another policy range.

Help Facility
User help hover-overs have been improved in response to feedback and have been made more mobile-friendly.

As well as many other general fixes and improvements.