SW v3.18 is ready for testing

Published on 20 Jun 2016

Schemeswriter v3.18 has been deployed to the testing environments and brings a few new features along with several bug fixes and back end improvements

Improved Declined Quotes View
Declined quotes now show any notes that were added, conversations that were had on the record and show a timeline of events that occurred prior to being declined.

Document Effective Dates
Documents can now have an effective date applied so they will only show on records with specific inception dates.

Claims Import Overhaul
Rather than work to a fixed template the claims importer can now accept ad-hoc CSV files and will present a mapping interface to make sure your data makes it's way to the correct fields. Mappings will be remembered so once the map has been made it will be used for future versions of the same schema, and it has now been given it's own section in superuser settings with a separate permission so it can now be provided to users without exposing other superuser functionality.

Grouped Flat Documents
Flat documents can now be added to groups for display on the 'Quote Now' screen, allowing them to be visually separated for easier searching

General Improvements
  • Enabling or revoking online access now adds a timeline entry
  • Test sites now show a banner to distinguish from live sites
  • Scheme developers can now archive old unused major versions

Bug Fixes
  • B2C policy screen now shows cancellation details
  • Redundant customer profile link removed from the policy screen
  • Setting section premium in broker adjustment screen no longer can cause rounding errors