SW v3.19 is ready for testing

Published on 26 Jul 2016

Schemeswriter v3.19 is a maintenance release and has been deployed to the testing environments

Endorsement Effective Dates & Dynamic Content
In a similar change to the documents in 3.18, endorsements can now have an effective date applied so they will only show on records with specific inception dates. We now have the ability to add dynamic information to endorsement bodies, so risk information can be inserted into the body text automatically at quotation stage.

Overridable Cancellation Returns
Cancellation return premiums can now be manually overridden. Underwriters may now adjust the amount of premium returned to customers during the cancellation process.

Policy Import API
The policy import API has now reached version 1.0. With this release endorsements and premium percentage overrides can be imported, as well as allowing selection of the major scheme version to import against.

Chase underwriter
Agents can now chase an underwriter for a referral if it has been outstanding for a while with no movement; this will email the underwriter assigned to the case.

Document Storage in the Cloud
To improve operational efficiencies, data security and availability of our large document store we have made the move to cloud services. This will provide us with more flexible storage options as well as making sure your data is always protected against hardware failure and other disasters at our primary data centre.

General Improvements
  • The number of visible policy uploads and notes has been increased
  • The summary of data input on the renewal page has been moved to its own tab to make it consistent with similar pages
  • Cancellation effective date is now captured in the audit system
  • Scriptcode editing UI has been improved with latest version of CodeMirror; developers can now write raw Scriptcode directly in the logic editor
  • New Relic .NET libraries have been updated to the latest version
  • IPT increased to 10% for policies w.e.f 1st October 2016 (grace period in effect until 1st February 2017)
  • Updates to special cancellation strategies

Bug Fixes
  • Cancelling back to previous renewal will now show correct date
  • The manual refer form now validates 'premium' is numeric
  • Unallocated messages no longer error when user clicks 'assign to me'