It's our birthday!

Published on 28 Oct 2016

We discovered yesterday that we can celebrate our 10 year anniversary as a software company.

From humble beginnings as DotOn Ltd in October 2006, we have innovated in software that has been "only Inhibited by the human brain"

In 2008 we rebranded as Brokertech, providing "Insurance software you think you'll never find...", but somehow did.

Only two of our current employees were around for those halcyon days of DotOn Ltd, as we have evolved and grown over the decade. We have released 3 full versions of our core SchemesWriter product, and countless other projects and products so far.

That is not to say we are looking only backwards. We have a lot of exciting developments currently in our coding workshop, so here's to the next 10 years of helping brokers and insurers get the best out of their business.