SW 3.20 is ready for testing

Published on 24 Oct 2016

Schemeswriter v3.20 includes bug fixes and new features and has been deployed to the testing environments

Live Chat has been integrated into the back office
You now have the ability to integrate live chat accounts such as LivePerson. A broker can talk directly with an insurer from anywhere associated with a specific scheme (quote, policy and renewal screens). We also plan to expand this into the direct-to-consumer environment in the near future.

Broker renewal declrations
When an upcoming renewal requires a declaration due to missing risk details a broker can now provide this information directly to the insurer via the online system.

Search Improvements
  • User searches can now be filtered by multiple tags, agent operator and date range.
  • Declined quotes are no longer tagged as expired in the search.
  • A user can now view an unlimited amount of search results.

General Improvements
  • The amount of time a quote is guaranteed for can now be configured per quote.
  • A user can now be associated with a department via their profile page.
  • French Tax is now handled for Marine risks.
  • Bulk operations have been removed for broker renewals.

Bug Fixes
  • An issue with the 'Bulk Download' feature on the broker renewal screen is now fixed.

User Logins
  • Brokerbility users that only use SW2 can now login via Connect. In addition to SW3, Brokerbility users now will access the Extranet and SW2 only via Connect.
  • Provision of a Connect administration site.
  • Hardened client to Connect communication security with a new certificate.
  • Improved the user experience for instances of forgotten passwords by e-mailing the address provided rather than only when a specified account does not exist.
  • Allowing the configuration of advanced user settings and token lifespan.
  • Fixed a bug caused by spaces not getting trimmed if entered in e-mail fields in Connect.