SW 3.23 is ready for testing

Published on 12 Jun 2017

Schemeswriter v3.23 includes bug fixes and new features, and has been deployed to the testing environments

Renewal Improvements
A grace period has been added to the renewal lapse process, which allows the broker to reinstate lapsed renewals without underwriter intervention. The period in which renewals can be reinstated is configurable by scheme. In addition, renewals will now be available to the underwriter 3 months in advance of the renewal date.

Claims Importer Update
  • Claims codes must now adhere to a pre-determined rule to avoid duplication of data
  • The speed of the bulk claims uploader has been improved
  • Claims data is now available for use on documentation and in emails

Foreign Taxes
French, Greek and Italian marine tax rates have been added and are available for use on all schemes.

General Improvements
  • Documents can now be emailed to the agent directly from the policy screen
  • Scheme access can now be set via member profile
  • Commission flex values can be set via policy importer API
  • Backdating an MTA to the last renewal date will now produce renewal documentation
  • MTA quote events are now available to the advanced email sender
  • Member system codes must now be unique

Bug Fixes
  • Previously approved answers are persisted when editing an invited renewal
  • Switching underwriters at renewal no longer causes an error
  • Risk description is now updated on manually applied endorsements
  • Refer & Unrefer screen no longer causes monitoring errors when a user is logged out
  • Fixed a race condition in the notifications feed