TAN: Browser Support for Schemeswriter
comes into effect on 31st July 2017

Published on 24 Jul 2017

Earlier this year we posted a technical advisory notice that detailed our plans to implement a minimum requirement for web browsers. This was to ensure that our sites were secure and able to take advantage of the best and latest features. The new baseline officially comes into effect on 31st July 2017, and details of which browsers will be supported going forward can be found here: http://blog.brokertech.co.uk/2017/01/notice-of-support-changes-we-will-soon.html

Schemeswriter v3.24.0 is ready for testing

Published on 21 Jul 2017

Schemeswriter v3.24.0 includes several bug fixes and new features, and has been deployed to the testing environments.

Renewal Premium Matching & Index Linking Improvements
It is now possible to generate a renewal quote at a ratio to last year's annual premium, so you can now automatically price match with a loading based on product information, such as claims history or index linking rates. Product builders can also now pre-load future index linking rates based on the renewal date.

Outstanding MTA Picker
It is possible to have multiple MTAs active on any one policy, but previously these were only visible from the search. There is now a new screen when you start an MTA if there are already active ones, to notify you of this fact and to allow you to view them, or to create a new one. Please note, all outstanding MTAs are invalidated as soon as one of them is accepted.

Scheme Manager Transaction View
Scheme managers can now view detailed information about transactions via the view payments screen.

General Improvements
  • Unallocated conversations now show the same summary details as allocated ones
  • Emails about conversations can now include more details, such as the sender of the message and its related record
  • The length limit on policy prefix and suffixes has been increased
  • Transfer policy and quote drop downs now show the agent number and the branch alongside the name
  • Vehicle registration fields are now automatically upper-cased, regardless of input
  • Uninvited renewals are now available to view in the broker renewals grid
  • Connect now uses JWT authentication
  • All scheme static documents can now be viewed from quote, policy and renewal screens
  • Customer documents now available in mobile view on B2C

Bug Fixes
  • Previously approved answers are now copied over when a renewal quote is generated
  • MTA quotes now use the current logged in user as the operator, rather than the original operator of the policy
  • Risk description is now updated on manually applied endorsements
  • Search is now re-indexed after renewal lapse
  • Developer tool speed improvement