Schemeswriter v3.25.0 is ready for testing

Published on 11 Aug 2017

Schemeswriter v3.25.0 includes several bug fixes and new features, and has been deployed to the testing environments.

Under the hood
Under the hood has now been implemented in the Schemeswriter system, this allows our scheme builders to expose certain steps of the premium calculation and output logic to the UI for underwriters to alter on a case by case basis. There will be a separate blog post about its capabilities as well as some examples shortly.

New Premium Configuration Options
We have added some new possible premium configurations to cater for non-annual premiums:
  • No pro-rata - Premiums will generate at the full value, regardless of when they are added
  • One time fee - The premium value will not be included in the future annual

Renewal Price Matching
Schemes can now be configured to match last year's annual premium, and apply adjustments based on available data e.g. Last year's premium + 10% + 5% claims load + 3% index linking

General Improvements
  • Questions can now be pruned at renewal, such as historical claims that are no longer relevant or temporary covers
  • B2C estimates will now send an email when the estimate requires underwriting
  • Re-quoting an expired quote will now persist attachments, notes and the timeline
  • Quote and renewal documents can now be forwarded to the agent
  • Brokers with delegated authority will now be brought back to the quote screen upon unrefer if underwriting one of their own agencies' quotes
  • Broker premium adjustment screen now displays the limits they can adjust to
  • The B2C estimate page has been updated to include contact details

Bug Fixes
  • Favicons for some B2C sites were missing, and have now been updated