Schemeswriter v3.25.2 is ready for testing

Published on 28 Sep 2017

Schemeswriter v3.25.2 is a maintenance release, and contains a few general fixes and improvements.

Address Lookup Control Upgrade
We have upgraded the address lookup control so users can now search for any part of an address, as opposed to just the postcode, and see the results in real time before selecting a match. It also implements a fuzzy match to help in cases of spelling errors. The data source is updated on a daily basis to make sure the latest addresses are available.

General Improvements
  • Payment types can now be changed upon accepting a renewal
  • Keys stored against policy records for integrating with third-party systems can now be updated

Schemeswriter v3.25.1 has been released

Published on 13 Sep 2017

A maintenance release, version 3.25.1, has been released to all live environments.
The release notes are available below.

New Features
  • Add payment reference field to notification feed
  • Add renewal invited event to notification feed
  • Add documents endpoint to quote API

General Improvements
  • Add notes and attachment counts to agent and underwriter renewal screen
  • Add Messages tab to agent and underwriter renewal screen
  • Add occurrences deprecation warnings for scheme developers
  • Allow user to restrict access to uploads

Bug Fixes
  • There is no longer an audit log for quote date change if the date hasn't actually changed
New Feature [SW-1247] - [SW-1261] - [SW-1262] -