Schemeswriter v3.32.0 is ready for testing

Published on 7 Aug 2018

Schemeswriter v3.32.0 has been released to all testing environments

Schemeswriter v3.32.0 has been released to our testing environments. This release adds a few commonly requested features for Schemeswriter 3.

Commission Flex Improvements

Our scheme developers now have access to enable "net mode" on commission flex. In this mode commission percentages are calculated as a fraction of the net premium. The gross premium is taken back to net based on the original commission percentage before recalculating any new commission percentages.

Renewal Reminders - For Brokers and Customers

Our scheme developers are now able to create email events to remind brokers or customers (B2C or online enabled). These emails will be sent on both 7 and 1 days prior to renewal date, if no action has been made on their renewal.

Policy View - Claims Tab

Previously the system would only show the count of open claims on the claims tab of the policy view. We've updated this count to show all claims within the last 5 years, regardless of state.

Scheduled Maintenance - Monday 16th July - Completed

Published on 13 Jul 2018

Service has returned to normal.

There will be a period of downtime for maintenance of some live services on the evening of Monday 16th July.

The maintenance window will be 6pm to 6:30pm.

The services affected will be the Live CDN service which provides images and documents, and some DNS routing services. As such document services and policy workers will be disabled for the period of the maintenance window and some images on B2B and B2C sites may be unavailable for a short time. Live sites will remain available but some UAT sites may be unavailable for a few minutes.

Schemeswriter v3.31.0 is ready for testing

Published on 31 May 2018

Schemeswriter v3.31.0 has been released to all testing environments
Schemeswriter v3.31.0 is a technical release, which paves the way for our future in the cloud. We have made several strides towards enabling us to reach those aims, as well as adding a much requested feature to the policy record.

Policy View - Historical Answers
You can now use the answers tab on the policy screen to view historical versions of the record, so you can see what a policy looked like at any given transaction in its history, and the changes that were made during that time. Additions are highlighted in green, removals in red, and updates in yellow.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
We've lifted our CDN from the ground to the cloud in order to help us towards our future in AWS. We use our CDN to deliver policy documents, and images used in emails and dynamic documents.

Scheme Development Tools
We have made several improvements to the debugging tools used by our scheme developers, which will allow them to spot and resolve issues faster and more efficiently, both during build and whilst providing live support.

Schemeswriter v3.30.0 has been released

Published on 23 Apr 2018

Schemeswriter v3.30.0 has been released to all Live environments

Schemeswriter v3.30.0 is a focused release, deploying two eagerly anticipated features commonly requested by our clients, and it has been deployed to the testing environments.

Compound Documents
Our scheme developers now have the ability to create compound documents that will take both static and dynamically generated PDFs and merge them into a single file. This can be used to produce bespoke policy wordings based on cover selection, as well as automatically producing document packs for clients.
Auto-Accepting Renewals
You will now have the ability to enable auto-accept as the default behaviour on renewals on a per broker basis, rather than auto-lapse. This will allow high volume brokers to focus on managing the business that is more complicated, rather than managing the straight forward business that renews every year.

Schemeswriter v3.29.0 has been released

Published on 13 Apr 2018

Schemeswriter v3.29.0 has been released to all Live environments

Schemeswriter v3.29.0 includes several bug fixes and new features, and has been deployed to the testing environments.

Usability Improvements

Based on feedback of the top issues raised through our support team, the following have been implemented to improve the usability of various tasks.

  • Introduced a new feature to detect when a user is being entered under an incorrect member
  • Binding of quotes can now be disabled per member
  • Superusers can now delete an erroneous user
    This cannot be undone and data will be lost

General Improvements
  • Declarations are now able to be completed via the broker renewals grid
  • Messaging and claims features can be disabled system wide if required
  • Schemes can now perform sanctions checking in underwriting logic
  • Improved data available to renewal documentation
  • Introduced online tag to the broker renewals grid
  • Brokers are now able to request a cancellation

Bug Fixes

We were made aware of a few minor issues which have now been resolved.

  • Currently viewing feature is now more accurate on showing who is viewing a record
  • Fixed problem reissuing B2C policies

Schemeswriter v3.28.0 has been released

Published on 9 Mar 2018

Schemeswriter v3.28.0 has been released to all Live environments

Schemeswriter v3.28.0 is a maintenance release, and contains a few general fixes and improvements.

Print Jobs Feature
Essentially replaces the current "Bulk Download" feature on the renewals screen. This allows you to choose a calendar week to bulk download renewal documentation for a single product, or all products. This then bundles them all into one handy dandy zip file.

General Improvements
  • We have made a minor change to the layout of the Quote and Policy screens. We've moved the buttons from the sidebar into a new "Tools" dropdown, this removes some clutter from the sidebar and allowed us to move the Documentation into the "Summary" tab.
  • We have re-worked how the tabs work. This allows us to expand on the existing tabs in the future, should we need to.
  • Implement an Amazon S3 ByteStore
  • Added a "Customer Facing" flag to document options
  • Added flag to show the "View Claims" button on the Policy page, if the user has "View Claims" permissions
  • Added the option to disable the following features; Claims, Messages, Tracked Documents and Awaited Documents.

Unplanned Downtime - SW3 Front End [Fixed]

Published on 9 Feb 2018

Earlier today we experienced downtime on our SW3 platform for approximately 26 minutes (10:53am - 11:19am) due to a power issue on one of the live servers. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, the issue has been identified and rectified, and all services are now back to normal.

To prevent a similar issue from happening in the future we plan to replace the hardware within the next two weeks. Once we have a date for the planned maintenance we will update you accordingly, although this will happen out of business hours so not to affect the running of the site.

Schemeswriter v3.27.0 is ready for testing

Published on 6 Feb 2018

Schemeswriter v3.27.0 includes several bug fixes and new features, and has been deployed to the testing environments.

Customer Portal: Online Renewals & Security Question Improvements
Customers will now be informed of upcoming renewals automatically via email once the record has been invited. They will be able to view renewal documents online, and optionally will be able to pay for the renewal via credit card. The payment feature needs to be switched on for each affiliate, so please contact support to enable this new feature.

Due to feedback from multiple customers and to make the process smoother for end customers, we have reduced the amount of questions that are required to retrieve a quote; you will now only be required to enter your postcode when following a link from a B2C portal. This does not impact the security of the system as a secure tokenised link is still required.

The policy page has been revamped and simplified to make it easier for the customer to see how much they are paying; the fee that was paid in the last transaction is now included when displaying the premium, or future annual premium if the policy has been adjusted, and the documents have been moved to their own page.

General Improvements
  • The number of times a policy has renewed is now available to the logic calculator
  • The performance of the question set when large numbers (50+) of repeats are included has been improved
  • Pending an overhaul, the current sanctions checking system has been removed
  • Online portal access can now be enabled when importing a policy via the API

Bug Fixes
  • In certain situations audit events were not visible on the timeline, these will now display correctly
  • Decline messages without a note from the underwriter now display a message, rather than appearing blank