Schemeswriter v3.28.0 has been released

Published on 9 Mar 2018

Schemeswriter v3.28.0 has been released to all Live environments

Schemeswriter v3.28.0 is a maintenance release, and contains a few general fixes and improvements.

Print Jobs Feature
Essentially replaces the current "Bulk Download" feature on the renewals screen. This allows you to choose a calendar week to bulk download renewal documentation for a single product, or all products. This then bundles them all into one handy dandy zip file.

General Improvements
  • We have made a minor change to the layout of the Quote and Policy screens. We've moved the buttons from the sidebar into a new "Tools" dropdown, this removes some clutter from the sidebar and allowed us to move the Documentation into the "Summary" tab.
  • We have re-worked how the tabs work. This allows us to expand on the existing tabs in the future, should we need to.
  • Implement an Amazon S3 ByteStore
  • Added a "Customer Facing" flag to document options
  • Added flag to show the "View Claims" button on the Policy page, if the user has "View Claims" permissions
  • Added the option to disable the following features; Claims, Messages, Tracked Documents and Awaited Documents.