Schemeswriter v3.29.0 has been released

Published on 13 Apr 2018

Schemeswriter v3.29.0 has been released to all Live environments

Schemeswriter v3.29.0 includes several bug fixes and new features, and has been deployed to the testing environments.

Usability Improvements

Based on feedback of the top issues raised through our support team, the following have been implemented to improve the usability of various tasks.

  • Introduced a new feature to detect when a user is being entered under an incorrect member
  • Binding of quotes can now be disabled per member
  • Superusers can now delete an erroneous user
    This cannot be undone and data will be lost

General Improvements
  • Declarations are now able to be completed via the broker renewals grid
  • Messaging and claims features can be disabled system wide if required
  • Schemes can now perform sanctions checking in underwriting logic
  • Improved data available to renewal documentation
  • Introduced online tag to the broker renewals grid
  • Brokers are now able to request a cancellation

Bug Fixes

We were made aware of a few minor issues which have now been resolved.

  • Currently viewing feature is now more accurate on showing who is viewing a record
  • Fixed problem reissuing B2C policies