Schemeswriter v3.30.0 has been released

Published on 23 Apr 2018

Schemeswriter v3.30.0 has been released to all Live environments

Schemeswriter v3.30.0 is a focused release, deploying two eagerly anticipated features commonly requested by our clients, and it has been deployed to the testing environments.

Compound Documents
Our scheme developers now have the ability to create compound documents that will take both static and dynamically generated PDFs and merge them into a single file. This can be used to produce bespoke policy wordings based on cover selection, as well as automatically producing document packs for clients.
Auto-Accepting Renewals
You will now have the ability to enable auto-accept as the default behaviour on renewals on a per broker basis, rather than auto-lapse. This will allow high volume brokers to focus on managing the business that is more complicated, rather than managing the straight forward business that renews every year.