Schemeswriter v3.31.0 is ready for testing

Published on 31 May 2018

Schemeswriter v3.31.0 has been released to all testing environments
Schemeswriter v3.31.0 is a technical release, which paves the way for our future in the cloud. We have made several strides towards enabling us to reach those aims, as well as adding a much requested feature to the policy record.

Policy View - Historical Answers
You can now use the answers tab on the policy screen to view historical versions of the record, so you can see what a policy looked like at any given transaction in its history, and the changes that were made during that time. Additions are highlighted in green, removals in red, and updates in yellow.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
We've lifted our CDN from the ground to the cloud in order to help us towards our future in AWS. We use our CDN to deliver policy documents, and images used in emails and dynamic documents.

Scheme Development Tools
We have made several improvements to the debugging tools used by our scheme developers, which will allow them to spot and resolve issues faster and more efficiently, both during build and whilst providing live support.